With Salesforce launching Sustainability Cloud and taking the stage at COP-26 recently the whole ecosystem is talking about how to tackle climate change. The Architech Club has always championed climate change awareness and now we’re introducing our Salesforce Sustainably service. We can help you design your Salesforce to contribute to your environmental goals.

Until 13 December 2021 we’re offering you the chance to enjoy a 5% discount on our Sustainability services - be that Sustainability Cloud or incremental changes to become more efficient.

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We’ll help you explore the following areas:

  • Scoping and roadmapping
  • Project planning
  • Data migration planning
  • Integration Design
  • Sharing & Permissions Design
  • Org mergers / splits
  • Visual documentation of systems and solution architecture
  • Project & Programme Governance Review
  • Writing and reviewing Statements of Work / RFPs
  • FinancialForce - PSA, Revenue Management, Procurement consultancy